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los zuluagas

documentary - 80' - Italy/Colombia - 2021
directed by

Flavia Montini


CAMILO, 35 years old, son of Colombian guerrillas, returns to his home country after 25 years of exile in Italy. In an attempt to understand his parents' radical choices, he delves into the family archive. Extraordinary amateur films and private writings reveal never-ending conflicts and painful memories.
Those of a father, a revolutionary commander, who sacrificed everything in the name of political struggle, but who saw his dream of justice vanish.
Those of a son, who grew up in the shadow of a charismatic but bulky man, unable to welcome the needs of a child.
Those of a mother. A ghost that has haunted Camilo's dreams since he was 5 years old.
A unique opportunity to bring to life an impossible dialogue, long desired but never really happened.

with Juan Camilo Zuluaga Tordecilla
and with Ana Maria Zuluaga Tordecilla, Esteban Zuluaga Cinquina, Bernardo Gutierrez Zuluaga, Amparo Del Carmen Tordecilla, Clara Ines Parra Aguilar, Valentina Zuluaga Parra, Miguel Fernando Zuluaga Parra

written by Flavia Montini, Juan Camilo Zuluaga Tordecilla
creative producer Luca Ricciardi
editing Enzo Pompeo AMC
photography Marco Pasquini
composer Økapi - Filippo E. Paolini
sound editing Simone Altana, Riccardo Spagnol
mix Marco Falloni
editing consultant Ilaria Fraioli
executive producer Valeria Adilardi
post production and color Mauro Vicentini

produced by Valeria Adilardi, Luca Ricciardi, Laura Romano, Mauro Vicentini

a FilmAffair production
in collaboration with Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico
with Rai Cinema
in coproduction with Inercia Películas
in association with Istituto Luce Cinecittà, Intramovies
under the patronage of Amnesty International
international distribution Intramovies
italian distribution Istituto Luce Cinecittà

los Zuluagas Trailer 70'' FilmAffair on Vimeo