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radical landscapes

documentary - 90' - 2022
directed by

elettra fiumi


RADICAL LANDSCAPES is a journey into the personal and artistic life of Fabrizio Fiumi and his group of radical architects 9999, who in the late 1960s animated the sleepy city of Florence in the explosion of the most radical political and artistic utopias together with their contemporaries Superstudio and Archizoom: 9999 planned a new society by putting community life into practice, imagining a world where nature and technology could live in harmony. Through an extraordinary family archive, Fiumi's visionary and still relevant utopia invites us to rethink the present and the future to imagine new radical landscapes.

Produced by Elettra Fiumi, Sara Buehring, Laura Romano, Valeria Adilardi, Jessica Wolfson
In co-production with RSI - Radiotelevisione Svizzera, Silvana Bezzola Rigolini, Michael Beltrami
Thanks to: Alberto Meroni, Atelier / Grant, Graham Foundation for the Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts

Photography: Elettra Fiumi, Lilla Fiumi DiFlorio, Léa Khayata, Tony Lemma
Editing: Etienne Del Biaggio, Elena Toccafondi
Original Music: Etienne Del Biaggio, Marta Del Grandi, Sofia Hultquist (Drum and Lace)
Sound recording: Elettra Fiumi
Sound: Paolo Piccardo
Graphics and animation: Milly Miljkovic, Alessandro Santillo, Cecilia Valagussa
Additional graphics and animation: Etienne Del Biaggio, Trinity Kendrick
Singer: Marta del Grandi
Color: Denise Liardet, Central Productions
Consulting producer: Lauren Avinoam
Story consultants: Elan Bogarin, Elena Brunello, Giorgia Malatrasi, Elettra Pierantoni, Fernanda Rossi, Elena Toccafondi
History consultants: Marco Ornella, Emanuele Piccardo, Catherine Rossi
Production Assistant: Francesca Considine, Danielle Lopez-Cecetaite
Researchers: Francesco Bonini, Donato Paolo Mancini
Archive producer: Lilla Fiumi DiFlorio


World Premiere at DOC NYC - New York 2022

Festival International du film sur l'Art - Montréal 2023

Sonoma International Film Festival, March 2023, Sonoma (USA)

Biografilm Festival, June 2023, Bologna (Italy)

RIBA, Londra, July 2023

ADFF - Architecture and Design Film Festival, New York, October 2023

Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam, October 2023

ADFF - Architecture and Design Film Festival, Toronto, November 2023

ADFF - Architecture and Design Film Festival, Vancouver, November 2023

Schermo dell'Arte Festival; November 2023, Florence

DART Festival, Barcelona, November 2023

SPIFF - São Paulo International Film Festival, November 2023

SPIFF - ADFF - Architecture and Design Film Festival, Chicago, January-February 2024


Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture, October, 27, 2023

Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) part of the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR Prague), November 2023


Radical Landscapes Trailer on Vimeo