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in production

documentary - 2023
directed by

adele tulli

Smartphones and computers are no longer just devices that we use. They have become the place where we live: how much has our relationship with the physical world changed?
REAL is an immersive experience that explores the anthropological transformation in the digital era, offering a poetic response to the current, at times disquieting, relationship between technology and humanity. It is conceived as a creative documentary combining filmed material with digital content resulting in a full sensory journey through the core issues of the digital age. There are no answers, only questions..

Produced by FilmAffair and Pepito Produzioni with Les Films d'Ici, Rai Cinema, Luce Cinecittà. Supported by MIC-CNC
(in production)
Nipkow script writing Residency (Berlin 2021)
Venice Gap Financing Market 2023