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documentary - 70' - 2018 - in production

A Bronx-born writer’s life long struggle to defy the notions of language, fortune, and mental disorder. Louis Wolfson turns his life into a statement of resistance revealing for the first time in this film, the arresting story of his life and his unique mind, through deadpan candor and sparks of existential humor.
SQIZO reveals to the world the incredible human and literary life of Louis Wolfson: inveterate gambler who lived part of his life as a homeless man, ‘an American writer of the French language’ who fascinated Sartre and De Beauvoir as well as contemporary writers Auster and Le Clézio, but ultimately the winner of the lottery of Puerto Rico where he’s currently living. At the age of 72, obsessed by other forms of life in the universe, he moved to Puerto Rico, to be near the world’s biggest radio telescope. Today he lives in apartment number 314 of a condo from the 1950s, where the noises coming from the airport fill his days, occupied by a lonely battle against the financiers that he claims have cheated him out of part of his patrimony. Wolfson’s story is extraordinary, a story of extreme choices and erratic nature, yet an unexpectedly relatable story; one of fortune, search for purpose, human fragility and wit. Louis became an intriguing, invisible genius who through his art of resistance may just bring us a new point of view about the meaning of our lives.

director: Duccio Fabbri
cinematography: Bartosz Nalazek, Duccio Fabbri
editing: Jacopo Quadri
original music: Alessandro Cortini
post-production: Mauro Vicentini
producers: Valeria Adilardi, Luca Ricciardi, Laura Romano
produced by: FilmAffair
in coproduction with: Epsi Film, Usa; Bow&Arrow, Usa; Les Films d’ici, France; RAI Cinema (Italy)
international sales/distribution: Cinephil