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documentary - 70' - Italy/USA - 2019
directed by

Duccio Fabbri


SQIZO presents the story of Louis Wolfson, a Bronx-born writer whose extraordinary trajectory challenges all accepted definitions of mental health, language, and literature. Diagnosed schizophrenic as a teenager, he rejected his native English language and became an avid self-taught linguist in order to invent a new, personal idiom. While his first book instantly became a cult classic in 1970s Paris, he remained relatively unknown in the US, and ended up becoming homeless. The filmmaker discovered him in Puerto Rico where his luck had finally turned. Now 89 years old, Louis Wolfson still lives a solitary existence between the world of silence and the world of words.

A Film by Duccio Fabbri
Written by Duccio Fabbri & Dejana Pupovac
Editing: Jacopo Quadri
Photography: Bartosz Nalazek
Music: Alessandro Cortini
Sound Editing and mix: Daniela Bassani, Stefano Grosso and Giancarlo Rutigliano
Produced by: Valeria Adilardi, Duccio Fabbri, Luca Ricciardi and Laura Romano
Post Producer: Mauro Vicentini
Co-Producer Charlotte Uzu
Executive Producers: Fabio Nesi, Michael Sherman and Richard Sieburth
A FilmAffair & Epsifilm production in collaboration with Rai Cinema and Les Films d’Ici
International Distributor Cinephil
Directed by Duccio Fabbri

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Sqizo Trailer from FilmAffair Vimeo